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By Andrew Bridgeford

For greater than 900 years the Bayeux Tapestry has preserved one among history's maximum dramas: the Norman Conquest of britain, culminating within the loss of life of King Harold on the conflict of Hastings in 1066. Historians have held for hundreds of years that the majestic tapestry trumpets the consideration of William the Conqueror and the triumphant Normans. yet is that this precise? In 1066, an excellent piece of ancient detective paintings, Andrew Bridgeford finds a really various tale that reinterprets and recasts the main decisive yr in English history.

Reading the tapestry as though it have been a written textual content, Bridgeford discovers a wealth of latest details subversively and ingeniously encoded within the threads, which looks to undermine the Norman standpoint whereas providing a mystery story undetected for centuries-an account of the ultimate years of Anglo-Saxon England fairly varied from the Norman version.

Bridgeford brings alive the turbulent eleventh century in western Europe, a global of bold warrior bishops, courtroom dwarfs, ruthless knights, and strong girls. 1066 bargains readers an extraordinary surprise-a publication that reconsiders a long-accepted masterpiece, and sheds new gentle on a pivotal bankruptcy of English heritage.

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Carthage, ending with destruction of Carthage. 149–148 Revolt and defeat of Andriscus, claimant to the Macedonian throne. 146 War between Rome and the Achaean League; destruction of Corinth. This page intentionally left blank map a. The Italian peninsula map b. Greece map c. The Mediterranean This page intentionally left blank THE HISTORIES This page intentionally left blank BOOK ONE [1] If earlier historians had failed to eulogize history itself, it would, I suppose, be up to me to begin by encouraging everyone to occupy himself in an open-minded way with works like this one, on the grounds that there is no better corrective of human behaviour than knowledge of past events.

187–175 Reign of Seleucus IV of Syria. 182 Death of Philopoemen, leader of the Achaean League. 180–145 Reign of Ptolemy VI of Egypt. 175–164 Reign of Antiochus IV of Syria. 171–168 Third Macedonian War: Rome vs. Macedon, ending with defeat of Perseus at the battle of Pydna. 168 Gaius Popillius Laenas orders Antiochus IV out of Egypt. 167 Macedonian kingdom abolished by Rome. 162 Demetrius escapes from Rome and seizes Seleucid throne. 149–146 Third Punic War: Rome vs. Carthage, ending with destruction of Carthage.

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