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This booklet serves readers who are looking to enhance the size and conversion talents they should be triumphant in school and on exams. the 10 sections of this ebook make sure that readers perform quite a few questions together with perimeter, sector, quantity, and angles. With over 500 perform questions, this booklet is an important instrument for college kids who have to increase their math abilities to go assessments very easily.

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D. e. 64 cm2 256π cm2 16π cm2 64π cm2 256 cm2 32 Team-LRN 501 Measurement and Conversion Questions 77. At the Pizza Place, the diameter of a small round pizza is 9 inches and the diameter of a large round pizza is 15 inches. Approximately how much more pizza do you get in a large than a small pizza? 14. a. 113 in2 b. 144 in2 c. 6 in2 d. 19 in2 e. 452 in2 78. While waiting to go for a walk, a dog on a leash is tied to a stake in the ground. If the leash is 7 feet long, what is the approximate area that the dog can roam while tied to the stake?

Since the figure is a hexagon and has six sides, the perimeter is 3 × 6 = 18 in. Substitute into the formula; A = ᎏ12ᎏ (4)(18) = ᎏ12ᎏ (72) = 36 in2. 1 71. b. Use the formula A = ᎏ2ᎏaP, where a = length of the apothem and P = the perimeter of the polygon. Since the area and the length of the apothem are given, substitute into the formula to find the perimeter of the octagon; 160 = ᎏ12ᎏ (10)P. Simplify; 160 = 5P. Divide each side of the equal sign by 5 to get P = 32. Since an octagon has eight sides, 32 ÷ 8 = 4 cm for each side of the sign.

108π cm cubed e. 256π cm cubed 1 87. A cardboard box measures 2ᎏ2ᎏ ft by 3 ft by 3 ft. Find the volume of the box. a. 8ᎏ12ᎏ ft cubed b. 27 ft cubed c. 7ᎏ12ᎏ ft cubed d. 22ᎏ12ᎏ ft cubed e. 25 ft cubed 88. What is the volume of the figure below? 3 in 4 in a. b. c. d. e. 36π inches cubed 12π inches cubed 48π inches cubed 96π inches cubed 108π inches cubed 89. When measuring the volume of a box used to package a refrigerator, what unit would you use to report the results? a. cubic cm b. cubic inches c.

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