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By Edwin Hewitt, Kenneth A. Ross

This publication is a continuation of vol. I (Grundlehren vol. a hundred and fifteen, additionally to be had in softcover), and features a precise therapy of a few vital elements of harmonic research on compact and in the neighborhood compact abelian teams. From the reports: ''This paintings goals at giving a monographic presentation of summary harmonic research, way more whole and complete than any ebook already latest at the reference to each challenge handled the publication deals a many-sided outlook and leads as much as newest advancements. Carefull awareness can be given to the historical past of the topic, and there's an in depth bibliography...the reviewer believes that for a few years to return it will stay the classical presentation of summary harmonic analysis.'' Publicationes Mathematicae

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In a similar way K3 is composed of N intervals of length q3 of the form + [a, + ajq + akq2,ai + ajq + + + q3] + * Inductively, a sequence of sets K,, consisting of N" closed intervals of length q" is so defined; these sets decrease to an intersection K which is a compact perfect nowhere dense subset of [0, 13. The construction is shown in Fig. 3. We compute the Hausdorff measure of order a of K . Among the coverings of K which compete in the definition of H J K ) are the coverings K, themselves, consisting of N " intervals of length q".

Let Z " denote the group of n-tuples of integers: 54 I. INTRODUCTION with the obvious definition of addition; we are interested only in those elements a 5 0, that is, ak 5 0 for all k, and shall not explicitly state this in the future. If x is a point in R", x = (x,, x 2 , . . ,x,,) we may write the monomial X" to denote the product x?. Thus we will have x"xs = x " ' ~ . By la1 we mean ak and by a ! we mean ak!. For any o! In particular this leads us to and we see that if x = y = (1, I , 1,. .

In the next section we introduce a seemingly more general definition of harmonic functions, while in Section 27 the subharmonic functions are considered in some detail. 42 I. INTRODUCTION 9. Harmonic Functions and the Poisson Integral For a fixed point y in R",n function 2 2, we verify by differentiation that the lY12 - 1x1' Ix - Yl" is a solution to the Laplace equation for all x # y . The computation is easy but tedious; it is convenient to simplify by the change of variable z = x - y, obtaining the function -1 --- 1z1"-2 2(G Y ) .

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