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By Francis A. Carey

The two-part, 5th variation of complicated natural Chemistry has been considerably revised and reorganized for higher readability. the fabric has been up-to-date to mirror advances within the box because the earlier version, specially in computational chemistry. half B describes the main common and important man made reactions, equipped at the foundation of response sort. it may stand-alone; jointly, with half A: constitution and Mechanisms, the 2 volumes offer a entire beginning for the research in natural chemistry. spouse web content supply electronic versions for college kids and workout ideas for instructors.

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The stability of carbon-carbon double bonds increases with increasing substitution, and it is this effect that leads to the greater stability of the more substituted enolate. Kinetically controlled deprotonation of a,,B-unsaturated ketones usually occurs preferentially at the a'-carbon adjacent to the carbonyl group. The electron-withdrawing effect of the carbonyl group is probably responsible for the faster deprotonation at this position. CH,D O-Li+ [ ONCH(CH,)JL'+ , THF,O'C CH,-O Ref. 8 CH 3 CH 3 (onlyenolale) Under conditions of thermodynamic control, however, it is the enolate corresponding to deprotonation of the 'Y-carbon that is present in the greater amount.

THE NITROGEN ANALOGS OF ENOLS AND ENOLATESENAMINES AND IMINE ANIONS 32 CHAPTER I ALKYLATION OF NUCLEOPHILIC CARBON. ENOLATES AND ENAMINES quite general. A steric effect is responsible for this preference. Conjugation between the nitrogen atom and the 7T orbitals of the double bond favors coplanarity of the bonds that are darkened in the structures below. A serious nonbonded repulsion (A I ,3 strain) in 7 destabilizes this isomer. Furthermore, in isomer 6 the methyl group adopts a quasi-axial conformation to avoid steric interaction with the amine substituents.

Weiler, I. Am. Chern. Soc. 96,1082 (1974). e. F. W. Sum and L. Weiler, I. Am. Chern. Soc. 101,4401 (1979). 6. 3. 32. For reviews, see (a) A. J. Parker, Chern. Rev. 69, 1 (1969); (b) L. M. Jackman and B. C. Lange, Tetrahedron 33, 2737 (1977). 3. Relative Alkylation Rates of Sodium Diethyl n-Butylmalonate in Various SolventsDielectric constant, E Solvent Benzene Tetrahydrofuran Dimethoxyethane Dimethylformamide Dimethyl sulfoxide Relative rate 2·3 1 7·3 6·8 37 47 14 80 970 1420 a From H E Zaugg. J Am Chern Soc.

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