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By Allen I. Laskin

An eclectic quantity of topical studies on all elements of utilized microbiology. It comprises 14 finished studies of present learn in utilized microbiology.

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These studies have demonstrated the power of using expression screening to discover lipases and esterases that differ significantly from known enzymes in both sequence and activities. Extensive characterization of these esterases and lipases is currently in progress. A wide variety of applications are being considered as targets for use of 24 GRAY et al. these enzymes. These targets include biocatalytic syntheses, desymmetrizations, and kinetic resolutions. In addition, the lipolytic enzymes are being tested for utility in oleochemicals applications, such as synthesis of structured lipids and selective hydrolysis of fatty acid esters.

And Wittholt, B. (1987). dihaloalkanes by wild-type and mutants of Acinetobacter sp. Strain GJ70. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 53, 561–566. Jones, D. , Taylor, W. , and Thornton, J. M. (1992). The rapid generation of mutation data matrices from protein sequences. Comput. Appl. Biosci. 8, 275–282. , Borchert, T. , and Fuglsand, C. C. (2002). Industrial enzyme applications. Curr. Opin. Biotechnol. 13, 1–7. Lange, C. , Wackett, L. , and Daly, M. (1998). Engineering a recombinant Deinococcus radiodurans for organopollutant degradation in radioactive mixed waste environments.

2001). E. CHARACTERISTICS REQUIRED IN A REPORTER GENE Because of the wide range of different types of reporter genes available for use in whole-cell biosensors or technology, considerations regarding their individual characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages must be taken into account. Desirable properties required in a reporter gene include the following.  Stability. The genetic stability of the reporter is paramount as is the stability of the output product. Stability requirements will vary depending on each individual application.

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