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The registered nurses and BSN students reported little confidence in caring for culturally diverse people and they learned about how to care for diverse people most often from experience in caring for them. Few participants had received any formal transcultural nursing education from their professional preparation, continuing education, or reading; and thus, did not describe care actions and decisions based on a conceptual framework. Researchers assessed that these participants were at the first stage of transcultural nursing knowledge as described by Leininger – cultural awareness.

The tool was used with students as a pretest-posttest instrument. Hughes and Hood (2007) found that nursing students became more culturally sensitive after engaging in these specific strategies to teach transcultural nursing. A variety of additional teaching strategies were identified in the literature as effective for teaching culture care. A sampling of the strategies discovered is shared here. Brennan and Schulze (2004) assigned students to analyse one of seven randomly chosen ethnographies using teacher-set criteria that addressed cultural factors.

Researchers found great diversity among schools about what was taught related to culture and transcultural nursing (TCN) and how these concepts were taught. TCN content was found in most nursing curricula; however substantive content and integration throughout the curriculum were missing. Although formal programs of transcultural nursing study at the masters’ and doctoral level are available at several universities, the survey found insufficient numbers of faculty with expertise in TCN available to teach and some schools reported no qualified faculty were available.

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