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By Peter W. Hawkes (ed.)

This quantity includes evaluation articles protecting a wide variety of subject matters in snapshot processing and research. the themes coated contain photograph research - which has united and harmonized a number of heterogeneous fabric; modern techniques to the Fourier rework; quantity theoretic transforms, that are really beautiful for discrete, finite signs; using the Wigner distribution - which encodes either spatial and spectral details, for photo filtering; and purposes of the idea that of data strength. those up to date surveys are meant to supply the reader with entry to the newest leads to the tremendous lively box of photograph technology.

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T. BATES AND D. G). B. n + Em,n = 2Em+1 / 2 4 (43) and Em,,+ 1 + Em9n= 2Em,n+1/2 (44) On writing Em+,,,+, - Am+p,n+vexp(i8,,,+,,,+,), where Am+C,n+v is positive and 8,,,+,,,+,is real, we deduce from Eqs. n - A m + l , n - A;,n)/2Am+i,nAm,n (45) and 2 Ai,n)/2Am,n+1 A m , n (46) When the image is positive, Fo,o is necessarily positive from Eq. (l), implying from Eq. n) = (4A;,,+ 1/2 - Am,,+ 1- (47) 80,o = 0 is a structure factor magnitude. Consequently, the cosines Note that Am+p,n+v on the left-hand sides of Eqs.

T. BATES A N D D. MNYAMA FIG. 8. Image-forms reconstructed by 20 Fienup error-reduction iterations, for N = 2, starting with direct pseudo-random initial phase estimates. (a) Puffin, (b) starfield. TWO-DIMENSIONAL PHASE PROBLEMS 31 f5ctors a and fl are both positive constants in the range 0 to 1. We say that f(x, y) is “boxed” because we are trying to confine it to the image box. Eqs. (31), (32), (29), (36), (31), etc. The simplest Fienup algorithm, called error correction or error reduction, is defined by a = fl = 0.

28 to 2, the same number of iterations generate an increasing amount of true detail. 56 R. H. T. BATES AND D. MNYAMA FIG. 25. Image-forms of partially foggy starfield obtained after a single Fienup cycle (vl = 20, v2 = 80, v3 = lo), starting with CPE and using (a) defogged visibility magnitude (see Fig. 24b), (b) original visibility magnitude (see Fig. 24a).

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