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16. Laboratory simulation of a tectonic fault under uniaxial compression P, inclined at an angle to the compression direction. ) Sileny (1989), shows the radiation pattern of P- and S-wave (vertical component) first motion on the whole focal sphere, with the upper hemisphere in the center, corresponding to a combined shear-implosion mechanism with the implosion/shear ratio from 0 to 20% for P waves and from 0 to 100% for S waves. 17. Model of a seismic source with shear and implosive components.

3. Seismic Moment Tensor A fault-plane solution provides the space orientation of the double-couple point source. The mechanical moment of each couple is called the seismic moment M,,and is the most useful measure of the strength of an earthquake. A double-couple force model of the moment M, is an oversimplified representation of a point source. A more general description is provided by the moment tensor, which is a second-order symmetric tensor with six independent components, containing all the information concerning a point-source mechanism.

84-07-21 0 KM b M = O 5. 63 5 W FIG. 15. Alternative fault-plane solutions for seismic events with all dilatational (open circles) P-wave first motions, recorded in the East Mountain coal mining area, Wasatch Plateau, Utah during June- August 1984. Lower hemisphere, equal-area projections are used. Triangles indicate P- and Faxes and alternative slip vectors; H is the focal depth and M is magnitude. 6 km below datum. , 1986). , 1986; Sileny, 1986), and the calculated maximum S-wave amplitudes were compared with those observed from tremors in the Karvina coal mining area, Czechoslovakia (Sileny, 1989).

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