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By Frederick S. Russell (ed.), Maurice Yonge (ed.)

Quantity 25 of this authoritative assessment sequence maintains the excessive average set by means of the editors some time past. Marine biologists far and wide have come to worth and luxuriate in the big variety of thought-provoking papers written via invited experts.In this quantity are studies of 4 animal teams which span the total variety of the marine nutrition chain. The function of parasites in ecology is a transforming into curiosity and the parasites of zooplankton are defined intimately for the 1st time. facets of thegastropods, cephalopods and fish existence also are tested intimately.

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04 which was close to unity (P< 0-001). A regression coefficient of unity would mean an inverse proportional relationship which clearly cannot apply to very low concentrations of copepods since it would imply indehitely high excretion rates. Excretion rate also declined more or less exponentially with time in experiments with mixed copepodids in unfiltered seawater, so that rates were about five times as high at 2 h after the commencement of experiments compared with 12 h later. Although Christiansen ( 1968) suggested that quiescence and perhaps metabolic shifts would explain reductions in excretion rates, both when the copepods were crowded and when experiments were conducted over longer periods of time, he also concluded that food may become depleted in the darkened bottles.

Pseudocalanus often figures as one of many " indicator " forms in such studies, only a few of which will be reviewed here. , Edinburgh Oceanographic Laboratory, 16 CHRISTOPHER J. CORKETT AND IAN A. MCLAREN 1973) Pseudocalanus is found in pure Atlantic as well as mixed arctic and Atlantic (subarctic, sensu Dunbar, 1947) waters. A sophisticated approach is found in Colebrook (1964), who used principal component analysis to group and classify copepods of the North Sea and North Atlantic. This results in an objective designation of " Para-Pseudocalanus " as a member of the intermediate group with respect to northsouth and neritic-oceanic gradients.

Factors injuencing rate of oxygen consumption Our survey of the determinants of respiration rate deals with variables that are expected to be important in nature. Little appears to have been done on certain more methodological questions. Pavlova (1975) has shown that degree of crowding may be important in Pseudocalanus. 1. 037 respectively. Generally speaking, however, authors have standardized such matters for comparisons between experiments. 1. Body size Conover (1959) was evidently the first to include PseudocaZanzcs in a relationship between rate of oxygen consumption (R, in p1 .

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