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By John E. Moody, Steven J. Hanson, Richard P. Lippmann (Editors)

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Thus, military decisionmakers who participate in foreign policy decision-making “are likely to urge or endorse the use of force and regard it as a proper and feasible step” (Morgan 1993: 246). ” However, not all students of civil–military relations agree with the preceding assertions about “hawkish” military leaders and “dovish” civilian leaders in decision-making processes. Modernization of military technology, information, and organization as well as gender balance make military decision-makers increasingly similar to civilian leaders, so that they tend to advise caution rather than adventurism (Perlmutter 1986; Feaver and Gelpi 1999, 2004; Schofield 2000).

The democratic peace is used as the example here precisely owing to its prominence for such a sustained period of the field’s development. In fact, the democratic peace research enterprise, to date, would represent the scientific ideal as represented by its accumulation of findings through carefully replicated stages of research, that is, incremental progress toward greater knowledge. 1. This page intentionally left blank Chapter 4 Research Design This chapter begins with a presentation of hypotheses.

These films, to cite just two of many examples available in popular culture, vividly depict the dynamic interactions between civilian and military leaders at the brink of war. With some dramatic license, the two films show how civilian and military leaders in the Kennedy Administration interacted with one another in the process of coping with the Missile Crisis in October 1962. ” General LeMay responded, “Mr. President, I believe it is the only course of action. ” Thus, LeMay moved easily into a military frame of reference at or near the outset of the crisis.

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