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Air respiring Fishes: Evolution, variety, and version is exclusive in its insurance of the evolution of air-breathing, incongruously since it focuses solely on fish. this crucial and engaging booklet, containing 9 chapters that current the existence background, ecology, and body structure of many air-breathing fishes, offers an outstanding review of air-breathing biology.Each bankruptcy presents a historic heritage, info the current prestige of information within the box, and defines the questions wanting cognizance in destiny examine. completely referenced, containing greater than 1,000 citations, and good documented with figures and tables, Air-Breathing Fishes is finished in its insurance and should definitely have extensive charm. Researchers in vertebrate biology, paleontology, ichthyology, vertebrate evolution, typical heritage, comparative body structure, anatomy and plenty of different fields will locate anything new and interesting in Air-Breathing Fishes. Key good points* deals an entire evaluation of a huge and immensely fascinating zone of study* offers a viewpoint of air-breathing fish that spans three hundred million years of vertebrate evolution* includes a number of illustrations in addition to entire charts* presents a synoptic remedy of the entire identified air-breathing species with vital information on their morphological and physiological diversifications

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Information contained in this figure is based on Weitzman (1964 and pers. ) and Vari (1995). breathing in P. festae, while apparently elevating its metabolic rate, has resulted in concommitant losses in its capacity for aquatic ventilation and 02 uptake in hypoxic water (Chapter 5). Siluriformes Pangasiidae. Pangasiids occur in Southeast Asian brackish and freshwaters from Pakistan to Borneo. Based on the recent revision of this family by Roberts and Vidthayanon (1991), there are 21 species of pangasiids occurring in two genera (Pangasius [19 sp], Helicophagus [2]).

In low 02 tensions this fish can obtain all of its respiratory 02 from its ABO but, because its gills lack anatomical shunts to prevent transbranchial 02 loss, ABO ventilation and perfusion must also be significantly elevated to meet 02 requirements (Smatresk and Cameron, 1982a). Experiments with L. , 1986) show that gill ventilation and air-breathing frequencies are subject to two O2-sensitive controllers, one internal and the other external (Chapter 6). The internal controller sets the organism's need for 02 as determined by its 02 store and metabolic rate.

Banjo catfishes occur in the tropical regions of South America where they frequent both brackish and freshwater habitats. This family contains 13 genera and at least 46 species all of which lack scales, are highly cryptic, and usually nocturnally active. Most species are less than 10 cm long and all are scav- The Families of Air-Breathing Fishes engers but also take live prey. , 1978). Kramer and McClure (1982) subsequently observed air breathing in small (1-5 g) B. amaurus. Kramer et al. (unpublished observations) describe these fishes as facultative air breathers that hold air in the mouth.

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