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JOLIE HOYT is an efficient SOUTHERN lady residing in Hendrix, a small Florida Panhandle city. The daughter of a Pentecostal preacher who sells assurance at the aspect, and the easiest buddy of a full of life good looks who strikes to the large urban to pursue a occupation in inside layout, Jolie is all too conscious of her family’s closet filled with secrets and techniques and long-held mistrust of outsiders. however, she throws warning to the wind while she meets Sam Lense, a Jewish anthropology scholar from Miami, who's on the town to review the ethnic make-up of the region.

Jolie and Sam fall recklessly in love and dream of starting a lifestyles jointly, distant from Jolie’s buried previous. yet their affair ends unexpectedly while Sam is found to have pried too deeply into Hendrix’s darkish racial background and he turns into the most recent sufferer in a protracted culture of small-town violence.

Twelve years later, whilst a black businessman from Memphis returns to Hendrix to do correct by way of his father’s reminiscence, Jolie and Sam are introduced jointly back. they're pressured to revisit the unresolved problems with their younger love and eventually make clear the gruesome background of Jolie’s hometown.

A advanced and compulsively readable Southern saga, carrying on with within the culture tested by way of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and taken into the recent millennium via writers like Karen Russell and Kathryn Stockett, American Ghost was once encouraged by way of Janis Owens’s vast examine on a true lynching that happened in 1934 in Marianna, Florida.

American Ghost is a richly woven exploration of the way the occasions of our earlier hang-out our current

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