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Nationwide Geographic background not just inflames and quenches the interest of background buffs, it informs and entertains somebody who appreciates that the reality certainly is stranger than fiction. And that background isn't just approximately our forebears. It’s approximately us. It’s approximately you.

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Forgotten Voices of the Somme: The Most Devastating Battle of the Great War in the Words of Those Who Survived

It really is 1916, the Somme. With over one million casualties, it was once the main brutal conflict of the 1st global struggle. it's a conflict that even now, over ninety years later, is still seared into historic recognition, conjuring up photographs of muddy trenches and younger lives tragically wasted. Its first day, July 1st 1916—on which the British suffered 57,470 casualties, together with 19,240 dead—is the bloodiest day within the historical past of the British defense force so far.

Passchendaele: The Hollow Victory (Campaign Chronicles)

Passchendaele is among the such a lot evocative names linked to the nice warfare. For over eighty years, the conflict has epitomized unnecessary slaughter on an unbelievable scale. The naked records are stunning in themselves - the British, French and German armies suffered over part 1000000 casualties among July and November 1917.

Caesar and Christ (The Story of Civilization, Volume 3)

The tale of Civilization, quantity III: A background of Roman civilization and of Christianity from their beginnings to A. D. 325. this is often the 3rd quantity of the vintage, Pulitzer Prize-winning sequence.

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4 LOOTING THE REMAINS Fortifying Athens against a Turkish counterattack proved too difficult, so the Venetians decided to abandon the city they had just won at such a terrible cost. ” A priority was the sculptures on the Parthenon’s western gable, and especially the two horses pulling Athena’s chariot. However, while attempting to remove these pieces they fell to the ground and shattered. The looting party did manage to remove many other major works of art, including the metopes (square, sculpted panels) that are today displayed in Copenhagen and Paris.

These are some of the tangible remains of Scandinavian expeditions to America a thousand years ago, and they testify to the Vikings being the first Europeans to deliberately try to colonize the New World some 500 years before Columbus claimed it for the Spanish Crown. EDUARDO MORALES ROMERO MORALES ROMERO HAS SPENT MOST OF HIS LIFE IN SCANDINAVIA INVESTIGATING ITS VIKING PAST. Tracing the Sagas Throughout the 1970s the Danish archaeologist Peter Schledermann conducted a series of research projects in Inuit settlements on the east cost of Ellesmere Island, Canada.

The looting party did manage to remove many other major works of art, including the metopes (square, sculpted panels) that are today displayed in Copenhagen and Paris. FRAGMENT FROM THE PARTHENON’S EASTERN FRIEZE, ACQUIRED BY THE FRENCH AMBASSADOR IN CONSTANTINOPLE IN 1784. LOUVRE MUSEUM, PARIS AN IRIS HEAD FROM THE WESTERN GABLE OF THE PARTHENON, BROUGHT TO VENICE IN 1687 AND NOW IN THE LOUVRE MUSEUM, PARIS, FRANCE LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: BRIDGEMAN/ACI; CORDON PRESS; PHOTOAISA; WHITE IMAGES/SCALA, FLORENCE PRAETORIANS: SWORDS OF THE EMPEROR The Praetorian Guard were the elite of the Roman army, with privileges, prestige, and political power to match.

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