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By Brian DeLay

Within the early 1830s, after a long time of relative peace, northern Mexicans and the Indians whom they referred to as “the barbarians” descended right into a terrifying cycle of violence. For the following fifteen years, owing partly to alterations unleashed by way of American enlargement, Indian warriors introduced devastating assaults throughout ten Mexican states. Raids and counter-raids claimed millions of lives, ruined a lot of northern Mexico’s economic system, depopulated its nation-state, and left man-made “deserts” rather than thriving settlements. simply as very important, this huge interethnic warfare proficient and emboldened U.S. arguments in desire of seizing Mexican territory whereas leaving northern Mexicans too divided, exhausted, and distracted to withstand the yank invasion and next occupation.

Exploring Mexican, American, and Indian assets starting from diplomatic correspondence and congressional debates to captivity narratives and plains Indians’ pictorial calendars, battle of one thousand Deserts recovers the fantastic and formerly unrecognized ways that financial, cultural, and political advancements inside local groups affected nineteenth-century geographical regions. within the strategy this bold publication bargains a wealthy and sometimes harrowing new narrative of the period whilst the USA seized half Mexico’s nationwide territory.

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